Wonderful and also Sour Pork – House Food Preparation Tips


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Pleasant and also sour pork, including for its wonderful and also sour preference, is liked by many people. The components of this meal is straightforward, additionally it is easy to cook. However, if you wish to cook it at home and obtain an originate one, you have to recognize some fundamental home cooking ideas of this meal.


pork fillet (300g), tomato sauce (40g), cooking red wine (15g), vinegar (20g), sugar (35g), salt (3g), water starch (30g).

Cooking treatment:.

1. Cut the pork fillet into pieces with dimension of 1.5 cm X 4cm. Pickle them with some salt and also food preparation white wine.

2. Put the sugar, vinegar, some water as well as water starch into a dish for future.

3. Put oil( 300g) right into the wok, then include pork fillets into the frying pan when the oil temperature level reaches up to concerning 80 Eliminate the pork when it becomes white. Make use of the shovel pats it to leave the ones sticking with each other.

4. Continue to heat up the oil in the wok. When the oil temperature rises to 90, placed the ready fillets right into the wok once again as well as fried them till they become gold shade. Eliminate them from the frying pan for future usage.

5. Put some oil in the wok, when it reaches up to 70 add the tomato sauce into them. Mix fry them till the red oil appears of tomato sauce. Pour the ready sauce symphonious 2 into frying pan. Include the prepared pork fillets into them when the sauce comes to be thick and also brilliant red. Stir-fry the blend rapidly till the fillets are covered with sauce equally.


1. Repeat frying symphonious 3 and also 4 is the trick for crispy outdoors, tender inside, so this step can not be ignored.

2. An additional essential element is the ratio of sugar and salt. Please find the correct distribution according to your own preference.

3. After the sauce comes to be thick, you must rapidly stir fry the fillets.